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Installation & Commissioning (I&C)

Prisma Electronics dedicated Installation & Commissioning Team consists of qualified and specialized engineers for the fast and accurate deployment of LAROS end-to-end solution. Upon appropriate design and specific configuration, our Installation & Commissioning Team proceeds with all needed actions for LAROS onboard & onshore turn-key delivery. All safety & security standards are strictly followed assuring high quality and reliability of the provided services considering the multitude of existing LAROS installations and upgrades.

Support & Maintenance (S&M)

Support & Maintenance engineering team is available on a permanent basis securing strict and demanding Service Level Agreements. LAROS Support & Maintenance Team can supervise each and every customized solution, providing a continuous health check and reporting regarding LAROS status. Support & Maintenance engineers are dedicated and flexible to proceed with appropriate actions and interventions according to relevant severity and customer need.

Adaptation & Customization

Prisma Electronics has established a specific performance task force in order to adapt, optimize and customize LAROS following Maritime Industry future needs. R&D and Consulting teams are in close cooperation with Project Management team so that customer demands are entirely implemented. Project Management team assures that specific customization is fully tested and verified before proceeding with delivery activities.

Advisory & Consulting

LAROS Consulting is a service that we provide to our potential or existing customers. To our potential customers we offer consulting services, in order to decide what version of LAROS system would meet their current and forthcoming needs. We also advise them for the benefits they will gain, when they use LAROS system and enter “Smart Shipping Era”.

To our existing customers we offer consulting services, in order to take advantage, the full capabilities of LAROS system. We also advise them for any future LAROS system extensions in their fleet. LAROS team is always at our customer’s disposal, in order to provide high quality consulting services. We believe that success in shipping comes only with business long term relations.

Dedicated training

LAROS training is a service that is offered to any new customer. We offer training and analysis services on the actual information that will be collected during operation of the LAROS system. LAROS training will provide familiarization with LAROS system almost instantly. The trainees will be ready to operate efficiently LAROS system after the end of training.

The trainees will be selected by the customer. They should have a Maritime or and an IT background. One of them should be named LAROS IT Administrator, and focus on LAROS system infrastructure management. One of them should be named LAROS Marine engineer, and focus on LAROS Monitoring and Performance Analysis. One set of LAROS manuals and operational instructions, in electronic format will be given to the trainees. The training sessions can be done either to Customers HQ, either to LAROS HQ in Athens.


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